workwear & uniforms

We create your fully personalized online store and manage from the creation of the products to the shipment to the end customer. We manage the stock level, the image and the maintenance of the website, the payment methods and the shipments.


Place your order without leaving home. We will send you the digital mockups of the garments. In addition, total security and facilities for online payment.

multi deliveries

Your order in different locations, at no additional cost . Ideal for different centers or franchises.

forget about stock

We take care of everything and store your material. We deliver it when you need it .

no extra staff

By not having stock you don't need extra staff . With EMEDE you will go from the problem to the solution.

We are specialists in corporate marketing , so in our workwear offer you will find everything you need to equip your workers, which they will always show a excellent professional and corporate image . Ask us for a budget, without obligation!Send us your information to receive a personalized offer according to your sector. We offer you the best work uniforms in Barcelona and the best work clothes in Barcelona , as well as a wide variety of plugins.


trend and comfort

Workwear means …

Work uniforms for the sector of the hospitality

Your hotel staff perfectly uniformed with the best clothes labor market. Corporate presence to serve the best way your customers.

Workwear for industry

Protect your workers if your business is in the industrial sector. In addition to clothing, complement it with accessories such as helmets, belts, safety boots, among others.

Work uniforms restoration

Uniforms for restaurants, attractive and functional. The staff will be dressed in a corporate and professional manner, like your business.

Workwear for health

Sanitary uniforms that adapt to your work rhythm. Protect your workers and your clients with the best quality work clothes, always with your corporate image.


The best way to visualize, in a corporate way, the colors and the club uniform or enhance the image of the universities. Fully customized solutions according to your needs.